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July 25, 2013
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“No...” the young woman whispered. “Please...”
Her thin, beaten frame was being pulled down the small dirty street by a man who reeked of alcohol.
“Please. Let go.” she brought out a bit louder, but her sore throat reacted with immense pain. A (h/c) strand of hair fell out of her bun and into her face.
A nearby watcher finally grasped the man and told him to let her go.
“Don't tell me what I should do with her!” he yelled at the helping man, who stepped back a bit at the harsh tone.
When they passed by another few men, she looked up to plead for help, her bloodshot (e/c) eyes wide and helpless, her face covered with several bruises and sunk in cheeks.

A young and tall blonde with blue eyes finally stepped in.
“Zhat is enough.” he told the drunken man. “Let her go.”
“Keep out!” the drunkard only replied.
“Nein.” the tall blonde answered and now the girl recognized his accent, German.
“Bitte...” she huffed out. “Bitte...” pleading for his help with one of the few German words she knew.
The blue eyes widened and then he glared at the drunk man who had her in his grasp. “I told you to let her go.”
The man tried pulling her away and growled lowly.
It was so fast that she didn't really saw what happened with her bloodshot eyes. But then she felt the warmth of the tall German against her and only saw his chest right in front of her and knew he held her close, away from the man hurting her, dragging her.
She clutched his shirt with her weak hands, silently begging him to keep her safe.

Ludwig felt her small, shaking hands clutch his shirt and he pressed her even closer. With one hand he had thrown the man, loosening his grip on the girl and then took her close as the drunkard was on the floor, trying to catch his breath.
As he had looked closer at the girl, he saw wounds, bleeding and others already healed or scarring, old once reopening. She was far too thin and pale, shaking silently in fear.
“Can you stand?” He asked her softly.
She nodded lightly, but as he let her go, he kept one arm on her waist, steadying her.
“Ve vill go to a hospital, ja? I von't hurt you.” he softly said and she nodded again, not talking because she was sure she'd be breaking out in tears if she did. And her throat hurt anyway.
He led her to a silver Volkswagen a bit further away and helped her climb in.
At the hospital they cleaned her wounds and Ludwig was told that some older ones were already infected and she needed to stay here. After she was cleaned completely and her wounds bandaged, Ludwig was allowed into her room. She looked up and Ludwig suddenly had to suppress a blush. The look of gratitude in her eyes was a bit too much for him and he now noticed that she would have been a beauty if in better health. Her hair was still a bit wet from the shower she had been given and she lightly brushed it as he sat down next to the bed.
“Do you feel better now?”
She nodded and managed a very soft “Thanks.” But her voice was thin and shaky.
He unwillingly smiled. “You're velcome. I couldn't have left someone like zhat.”
She shook her head slightly and then raised her (e/c) eyes to his. He was overwhelmed by the softness in them. “Danke.” she softly said. “Truly.”
His curiosity got the better of him and he asked. “How do you know German words?” He had noticed that she understood certain words, but wasn't able to talk German or understand complete sentences.
“My grandmother was German. She taught me some essential words when I was very young.”
she answered readily, her voice still very quiet and thin.
As she suddenly smiled softly, he had to suppress another blush.
“(first name) (last name).” she softly said, holding out a shaking hand.
“Luwig Beilschmidt.” he responded, taking that hand and softly shook it. “A pleasure to meet you.”
A little someting.

Should I continue it?

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconhyper-otaku:
You (c) Yourself finally
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